July 25, 2017

Outdated eCommerce Strategies to Eliminate

Using outdated eCommerce strategies is a hard habit to break, but can lead to an abundance of trouble. It is easy to grow complacent when your current eCommerce tactics are making a profit. While most people become uneasy with change, it is essential to constantly re-evaluate your approach. Let’s examine the most common and most outdated eCommerce methods that need to hit the road.

Irrelevant Page Content

There are three content factors that have a subtle, yet substantial effect for your website including structure, volume, and quality. Longform content does well among search engine result pages so do away with irrelevant text of less than 500 words. Looking at the bigger picture, search engines often omit pages from sites that have a ton of individual content-light pages. This is a factor that killed eBay in 2014, causing the company to lose an estimated 33% of their traffic. Since then, eBay has hired an abundance of contractors to fix the mess and prevent it from happening in the future.

Ignoring User Experience

If any part of your SEO strategy has a negative affect on your user experience, this can impact your profit margins. Common problems include obtrusive pop-ups, unresponsive pages, long page loading times, and poor taxonomy to name a few. Even the average user expects a seamless experience, making competition stiff. Furthermore, Google penalizes sites for issues related to user experience. In order to tackle this issue, learn about usability and target your audience.

Publishing Duplicate Content

Internal content duplication, also termed cannibalization by SEO specialists, is an outdated eCommerce strategy that isn’t necessarily intentional, but is seen quite frequently among sites. Displaying similar content will drastically undermine your performance and can be broken down into four categories: keyword cannibalization, subdomain conflict cannibalization, international cannibalization, and semantic flux cannibalization. Many large retail websites have a problem with this. Luckily through auditing your site, consolidating web pages, and creating a unified website structure, this can be easily resolved.

Overall, when it comes to eCommerce sites, a failure to address search engine optimization and user experience on a technical level causes issues to arise. Take time to evaluate why you are implementing any given strategy. Through experimentation and attention to detail, outdated eCommerce strategies can be updated, resulting in an overall improvement of your website. Professionals at WebDesignerSujata knows the ins and outs of search engine optimization and how to develop your site to generate an excellent user experience. To learn more, contact us today!